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Doug ClayThis communiqué of Church Administration Essentials is designed to provide ministry leaders with information and tools necessary to do church administration effectively. As we provide these tips and best practices, it’s our prayerful intention that God will bless your efforts as you manage the details of ministry.

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5 Keys to Financial Health

When you assess the health of your ministry, do you just consider attendance and giving trends; or salvations and water baptisms? Dollar SignI’d like to encourage you to assess the strength of your financial operations and practices, as well. Here are five keys that will reduce financial risk while increasing the overall health of your ministry.

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Are your contribution receipts adequate?

As a service to their members, most churches provide an annual contribution summary to their donors. But is your contribution statement adequate? Will the donor be able to use it to substantiate a charitable donation?

Find out why one donor’s contributions were not allowed by the IRS.

Church employee charged with stealing $1 million

Are your policies and procedures robust enough to keep this from happening?

Find out why one employee is being charged with embezzling $1 million over 7 years.

Questions and Answers

Q: A donor wishes to designate a gift to a pastoral staff member. Can we do that and give the donor a charitable contribution receipt?

A: In order for a charitable contribution to be granted by the church, the contribution must be to, and for the use of, the church. This means that individuals must not personally benefit from a contribution made to the church.

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Questions and Answers
2012 Church & Clergy Tax Guide

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