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Books on the History and Doctrine of the Assemblies of God

Blumhofer, Edith. The Assemblies of God: A Chapter in the Story of American Pentecostalism. 1989. [Out of Print.]

Burgess, Stanley M, ed. New International Dictionary of Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements. 2001. (Available at

Carlson, G. Raymond. Our Faith and Fellowship. 1977. Order #020908

DeLeon, Victor. The Silent Pentecostals: A Biographical History of the Pentecostal Movement Among the Hispanics in the Twentieth Century. 1979. [Out of Print.]

Horton, Stanley M., ed. Systematic Theology, A Pentecostal Perspective. 1994. Order #020319

McGee, Gary B. People of the Spirit. 2004. Order #020457

_____________. This Gospel... Shall Be Preached-A History and Theology of Assemblies of God Foreign Missions to 1959, Volume 1. 1986. Order #020511

_____________. This Gospel... Shall Be Preached-A History and Theology of Assemblies of God Foreign Missions since 1959, Volume 2. 1989. Order #020673

Menzies, William W. Anointed to Serve. 1971. Order #020465

Menzies, William W. and Stanley M. Horton. Bible Doctrines: A Pentecostal Perspective. 1993. Order #020318

Nelson, P.C. Bible Doctrines. revised 2009. Order #020886

Olena, Lois E. Stanley M. Horton: Shaper of Pentecostal Theology. 2009. Order #020564

Pearlman, Myer. Knowing the Doctrines of the Bible. reprinted 2004. Order #020534

Seymour, William J., ed. The Azusa Street Papers (1906-08). reprinted 1997. Order #035017


Books on the Holy Spirit

Aker, Benny C. and McGee, Gary B. Signs and Wonders in Ministry Today. 1996. [Out of Print.]

Brandt, R. L. & Bicket, Zenas J. The Spirit Helps Us Pray: A Biblical Theology of Prayer. 1993. Order #020678

Bullock, Warren D. When the Spirit Speaks: Making Sense of Tongues, Interpretation, and Prophecy. 2009. Order #020467.

Carlson, G. Raymond. Spiritual Dynamics. 1976. Order #020894

Carter, Howard. Spiritual Gifts and Their Operation. 1968. Order #020593

Gee, Donald. Concerning Spiritual Gifts. revised 1972. Order #020486

Harris, Ralph W. Acts Today, Signs and Wonders of the Holy Spirit. 1995. Order #020413

Holdcroft, Thomas. Holy Spirit: A Pentecostal Interpretation. 1999. Order #035767

Horton, Stanley M. What the Bible Says About the Holy Spirit. revised 1986. Order #020650

Hurst, Randy, ed. Divine Order. 2009. Order #037954. 

Lim, David. Spiritual Gifts: A Fresh Look. 1998. Order #020636.

Palma, Anthony D. The Holy Spirit: A Pentecostal Perspective. 2001. Order #023024

Riggs, Ralph. The Spirit Himself. reprinted 2006. Order #020590

Wood, George O. Living in the Spirit. 2009. Order #037955


Books by Assemblies of God Leaders (past & present)

Bridges, James K. Letters to Seven Churches. 2005. Order #020255

Bridges, James K., ed. The Pentecostal Pulpit. 2001. Order #024098

__________________. Foundations for Pentecostal Preaching. 2005. Order #020657

Crabtree, Charles T. Pentecostal Preaching. 2003. Order #020850

Garrison, Alton. 360-Degree Disciple. 2009. Order #020562

____________. The Acts 2 Church. 2009. Order #020508

____________. Hope in America's Crisis. 2007. Order #737800

Trask, Thomas E. Back to the Altar. 1994. Order #020328

_____________. Ministry for a Lifetime. 2001. Order #036226

_____________. Seven Practices for Every Follower of Jesus. 2007. Order #020273

Trask, Thomas E., ed. and others. The Pentecostal Pastor. reprinted 2006. Order #020686

Wood, George O. A Psalm in Your Heart. 2008. Order #020614

____________. Core Values. 2008. Order #020577

____________. Living in the Spirit. 2009. Order #037955

Zimmerman, Thomas F., ed. And He Gave Pastors. reprinted 2004. Order #020460


Other Sources

The books listed above are available from Gospel Publishing House, unless otherwise noted. Additional online resources include AG Position Papers and AG Perspectives and materials on the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center Web site.

The Pentecostal Evangel, the official magazine of the Assemblies of God, and Enrichment Journal, a Pentecostal journal for ministers and church leaders, also reflect the church's history and express its doctrinal views. Indexes may be purchased. Visit the respective magazine Web sites for subscription information.

The Minutes of the most recent General Council, in a volume with the Constitution and Bylaws can be viewed or downloaded from the AG Web site. Printed booklets can be ordered from the General Secretary's Office.

The Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center is the official archives, research center and museum of the Assemblies of God. Researchers may access free online resources and may purchase digital products, including back issues of the Minutes of the General Council and the Pentecostal Evangel.

Unless otherwise noted, all materials listed are available from the Gospel Publishing House, 1445 N. Boonville Ave., Springfield, Missouri 65802-1894. 1-(800)-641-4310.


Prepared by the Assemblies of God Office of Public Relations, 1445 N. Boonville Ave., Springfield, MO 65802-1894. Phone: (417) 862-2781, Fax: (417)862-5554. Email: