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From Belonging to Becoming: What if we put belonging first like Jesus did?

By: Mike Clarensau

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Maximizing Church Facilities

Wed, 14 Apr 2010 - 3:45 PM CST

By Ophelia Yeary

God had helped our church reach its goal: a 40,000 square-foot facility, which included a new sanctuary and 16 beautiful classrooms. The impressive building sat on 12 acres of choice property on one of the busiest streets in the city. An opportunity to reach out to the community was at our fingertips.

Had we really reached the total goal, though? Were we using this God-given blessing to the fullest?

I longed for daily activity–to hear the music, voices, and sounds of children in the halls and classrooms. To use such a building only on Sundays and Wednesdays seemed such a waste and lack of good stewardship of a God-given facility. A Christian preschool could be a testimony to the working parent and business community, I thought.

The average private preschool cannot offer acres of parking or an auditorium for 800 parents, grandparents, and friends to enjoy performances and programs. A church facility has the advantage of a large place for daily chapel services unavailable in other preschool buildings-and the added advantage of a large, well-equipped playground on the 12-acre, tree-lined property.

One year after the church’s dedication daily ministry to children began with the opening of Precious Promise Academy with two children. Now, 6 years later, 200 children daily share the joy of spiritual and mental development in a Christian environment.

Children go home singing and reciting the Word of God they are taught in the school, thus reaching many families. Opportunities for ministry include visiting family members in the hospital, counseling, and touching a child or parent who is seeking a listening ear and an understanding heart. The church’s children’s pastor is pastor to the schoolchildren.

Parents often tell me how much their children have learned about the Bible and how to walk with God. More and more families participate in the weekly services at Christian Life Center. Enrollment is the highest yet, and our credibility in the community continues to grow as families recommend the school to others.

It is good stewardship to use our God-given buildings to the fullest share facilities with the community. Teachers can invest their teaching gifts in a Christian school. God will give a harvest of spiritual growth in the congregation. The benefits are eternal.