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From Belonging to Becoming: What if we put belonging first like Jesus did?

By: Mike Clarensau

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Church Signs

Wed, 14 Apr 2010 - 3:34 PM CST

By Robert A. Sites

A road sign is one of the ways to locate a church, though some signs show gross neglect. They are battered, faded, leaning–not a very good testimony of the churches they represent.

Other churches seem to care. Their signs are freshly painted with an attractive and informative layout of adequate size and seem to beckon the passerby to come. They are a viable and effective testimony. We breathe a sigh of thankfulness for such churches and our entire denomination.

Additionally, when people find the church, what about the sign that identifies it? It is frustrating to locate a church without a sign. Absence of an identifying sign on church property almost says, "Keep out."

Here are some pointers to evaluate your church signs:

Provide information

Church signs should be attractive, simple, easy to read, and provide the basic information people need. The church name, telephone number, pastor’s name, and a schedule of services are all valuable information. Don’t put too much information on the signs, though. At 65 miles per hour (or whatever the speed limit), it is difficult to read too much information or to read small-print. Drive by your signs at the speed traffic normally flows to see how effective the signs are. The Assemblies of God logo is always appropriate for identification.


Are the signs’ locations easily visible? Make sure that weeds or trees do not obscure your message. Take an objective look at the signs at least twice a year. An excellent Men’s Ministries or Royal Rangers project is to cut the trees and shrubs around your signs.


Don’t go overboard when having signs painted. Be tasteful and use effective colors. Harsh colors don’t seem to convey the message of a church. As you drive down the highway, observe the various colors used on signs and then note your reaction to those signs. Usually two colors on one sign are adequate and effective.

We have seen some excellent church signs in our travels across Arizona and the nation. Every Assemblies of God church would benefit from a self-evaluation of its signs. Determine what you can do to improve the signs that identify your church.