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From Belonging to Becoming: What if we put belonging first like Jesus did?

By: Mike Clarensau

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Church Administration

  • Staff Terminations - Ending the Employment Without Ruining the Relationship

    When churches terminate staff, the resulting implications can be both spiritual and legal . As Christians, we have an obligation to support and encourage our brothers and sisters. We should not leave them in despair simply because their employment did not work out as hoped. Even when an employee’s conduct is unacceptable, our task is restoration, not demolition. In order to achieve these spiritual goals, the starting point is the termination process. Although termination decisions are often challenged, the termination process itself seldom causes legal liability. Instead, litigation often results if the termination process is handled poorly and does not defuse the situation. The termination process most often affects the individual’s decision to sue, not the basis for suit.

  • The Church Secretary

    Hooray for the church secretary. She* has much in common with the Bible characters, Baruch, Tertius, Tychicus, and Epaphroditus—scholars who held positions of trust and significance as record keepers and assistants to great men of God. Without their work, one author said, we would not have the books of Jeremiah, Romans, Ephesians, and Philippians.

  • The administrator

    Today’s office of church administrator was born in the New Testament and arose from a need to solve the murmurings of the Early Church members. Even though the apostles were preaching, disciples were multiplying, and the church was growing, human needs were being neglected (Acts 6). The reason: Too few were sharing the administrative load.

  • A Filing System That Works

    Are you frantic when income tax time rolls around? Do you rummage through various drawers, trying to find a receipt for an item that needs to be returned? Are warranties and important papers scattered throughout your home? You are not alone if lack of organization in your paperwork has plagued you on frequent occasions. But there is hope!

    Organization is an attribute that seems to come easy to some but requires great discipline and training for others. Organization is an attribute of God. At the time of creation, He brought order out of chaos (Genesis 1) and said it was good. You’ll say the same when you bring order to unorganized areas of your home.

    The following steps move you toward a more peaceful home and office setting.

  • The church and the needy stranger

    When needy strangers requesting help come to the church, they and their circumstances are unknown. How should the church respond? Study and experience have led to a few conclusions.

  • Field trips can be fun

    Because field trips are so important to church life, you will want to ensure that the difficulties in planning and conducting them are kept to a minimum. A few written guidelines can help.* In addition, the persons planning these trips should keep the following suggestions in mind.

  • Managing Your Ministry

    Often new pastors are quickly awakened as they leave Bible school or seminary and begin pastoring their first church. They spend much of their time performing business functions. While most Bible schools do a wonderful job of teaching theology, hermeneutics, homiletics, and basic Bible knowledge, few schools adequately prepare a pastor to deal with finances, accounting statements, legal matters, building programs, and basic personnel supervision. In my experience dealing with churches, church denominations, and corporations, I have found church management is more of an art than a science. Although basic management can be taught in formal classes, true church business management is often learned through experience and advice.

    I have learned five basic church administration principles that help a pastor develop a business sense.

  • The ABCs of membership

    Church membership is important and alive when it attracts new people into the body, builds the body stronger, and commissions new believers for service.

    The present harvest field, however, is difficult to reach. Called baby boomers, they are known as non-joiners–more interested in having their needs met than in helping others. Neither is loyalty one of their strengths. They can change in a moment if another organization seems more interesting or valuable.

    Then how do we get baby boomers to enroll in church membership?

  • Church Membership: Some Biblical Answers

    Many Christians ask, "Is joining a local church necessary?" The New Testament has ample evidence that when a person trusts Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins and takes on new identity in Christ, that person immediately attaches to a local band of believers. Here are 10 REASONS FOR CHURCH MEMBERSHIP.

  • The meanings of membership

    In today’s complex society, membership is more like a multi-lane thoroughfare with several paths of value moving in both directions. Without understanding these complexities it is easy to miss the contemporary meaning of membership.

  • Getting Your Church Board on Board

    "God so loved the world that He didn’t send a committee." Can you imagine God’s assigning the redemption of mankind to a committee? We might still be sacrificing animals in the temple. How could God possibly move through a committee?

    Board meetings tend to paralyze—not energize—revival. Right? Votes, consensus, and endless discussion couldn’t possibly be of God—or could they?

  • Qualifications and responsibilities of Deacons and Trustees

    Position Paper

  • Administering Church Property Purchases

    Buying property for church expansion may not be in the immediate plans of your church. But if and when the opportunity comes, will you know what to do? This article addresses, from a church administrator’s viewpoint, how to go about the process—from investigating property through closing.

  • Maximizing Church Facilities

    God had helped our church reach its goal: a 40,000 square-foot facility, which included a new sanctuary and 16 beautiful classrooms. The impressive building sat on 12 acres of choice property on one of the busiest streets in the city. An opportunity to reach out to the community was at our fingertips.

  • Master Planning New Church Facilities

    With careful planning moving into new church facilities can be a dream come true, an exciting time, and a rewarding experience. This is the first of a two-part article that gives a general overview and guidance in the implementation of planning new church facilities. The focus is on new site properties and new sanctuary facilities for all church sizes. Many of the principles presented, however, can be applicable to churches that are interested in (1) expansion, (2) renovation of the existing sanctuary, (3) ancillary facilities, and (4) starting from the beginning at site selection.

  • Church Signs

    A road sign is one of the ways to locate a church, though some signs show gross neglect. They are battered, faded, leaning–not a very good testimony of the churches they represent.

    Other churches seem to care. Their signs are freshly painted with an attractive and informative layout of adequate size and seem to beckon the passerby to come. They are a viable and effective testimony. We breathe a sigh of thankfulness for such churches and our entire denomination.

    Additionally, when people find the church, what about the sign that identifies it? It is frustrating to locate a church without a sign. Absence of an identifying sign on church property almost says, "Keep out."

    Here are some pointers to evaluate your church signs.

  • Church administrators today

    SEVERAL YEARS ago a group of Assemblies of God pastors and church business administrators began meeting at seminars to exchange ideas. A network has developed in our Fellowship for the purpose of exchanging information and staying abreast of change. This article will share some of the things going on in the field of church administration and the issues that affect churches of all sizes.

    A myriad of technical articles could be written on the operation of churches and parachurch ministries, but some underlying principles can guide us beyond the rules.