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Church Finance & Administration Articles

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  1. Scholarship Funds
  2. Q&A: Allowance Accounts for Pastors
  3. Church Media—Making Technology Work
  4. Q&A: Travel Expense Reimbursements
  5. Safeguarding Computer and Phone Data
  6. Unused Restricted Funds
  7. Planning or Budgeting: Which Comes First?
  8. Q&A: Accountable Reimbursement Plans
  9. Church Construction and Expansion: Where Do We Begin?
  10. Q&A: Housing Allowance Maximum
  11. Preventing Fraud: Check Tampering
  12. Q&A: Sending IRS Form 1099-MISC to Evangelists and Ministers
  13. Background Checks and Volunteers
  14. Q&A: Charitable Giving Credit for Church Camp Fees
  15. Properly Screening Volunteers
  16. Q&A: Deferring a Pay Raise
  17. Q&A: Employer-Provided Lodging for Non-ministers
  18. Protecting Your Church With Insurance
  19. Q&A: Fireworks Stands
  20. Preventing Credit Card Abuse
  21. Q&A: Signing Church Checks
  22. Tips for Protecting Your Cash
  23. Q&A: Internet Service Reimbursements
  24. Protecting Your Church from Online Threats
  25. New ACA / IRS Notice May Require Changes to Payroll Process
  26. Observations on the Affordable Care Act
  27. Q&A: Free Use of an Automobile
  28. Properly Reporting Fringe Benefits
  29. Q&A: Honorarium for Foreign Clergy
  30. Charitable Contribution Receipts
  31. Q&A: Reimbursing Cell Phones for Ministers
  32. Budgeting:  Beyond the Basics
  33. Q&A: Key Documents for Board Members
  34. Board Member Basics
  35. Q&A: Applying for Tax-Exempt Status
  36. Preventing Payroll Problems: Part 2
  37. Q&A: The Supreme Court’s Same-Sex Marriage Rulings
  38. Preventing Payroll Problems: Part 1
  39. Benevolence Program Basics
  40. Q&A: Paying a Pastor’s Medical Expense
  41. Financial Support for Clergy and Church Employees
  42. Q&A: Using Social Media Effectively
  43. First Impressions: Improving the Guest Experience
  44. Q&A: Determining Whether Staff are Employees or Contractors
  45. Human Resources: Tools to Improve Your Hiring Practices
  46. Q&A: Donating Vehicles
  47. Designated Giving: Properly Handling Restricted Funds
  48. Q&A: Are Credit Card Statements Adequate Documentation of a Business Expense?
  49. Stewardship and Giving Strategies for 2013
  50. Q&A: How to Properly Handle Fundraising Auctions
  51. Year-End Reporting: What Churches Need to Know
  52. Q&A: Appropriate Budget Percentages for Church Expenses
  53. The Church Budget: Helping You Reach Your Ministry Goals
  54. Q&A: What Activities are Prohibited for Churches?
  55. Politics From the Pulpit: How Much is Too Much?
  56. Financial Controls Self-Assessment: 10 Questions to Ask
  57. Q&A: Designating Gifts to Pastoral Staff
  58. 5 Keys to Financial Health