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"We prayed for 100 for the grand opening and God brought (exactly) 100 . . . a man who did not know what salvation was [came] and I got to lead him personally to Christ . . . a Hindu family - husband, wife, three kids and grandmother - all decided to follow Jesus . . .  an 8-year-old girl got our flier in the mail and wanted to come for her birthday. Her entire family came!"

These are just a few of the praise reports that came into the Assemblies of God Church Multiplication Network (CMN) as CMN partnered with districts, churches and individuals to see 33 churches in 18 states launched in the month of September.

According to CMN, the 33-church launch is one of the strongest domestic church planting months for the AG in recent history. One of the highlights of the month occurred when Convoy of Hope partnered with CityReach to host events at 12 locations in coordination with the launch of 11 new AG churches in six states.

"This is a new model for urban church planting across America," said Brian Bolt, founder of CityReach, in a release. "Hosting a compassion outreach the day before the church launch has proven to be extremely impactful in reaching people and showing them the love of Christ."

Chris Railey

"It's exciting to see how God is working through new church plants across the country," says Chris Railey, senior director of Leadership and Church Development. "Lives are being transformed, communities are being impacted, and the gospel message of Jesus Christ is being placed into the lives of individuals and families - often for the very first time."

Of the 33 new churches, 20 benefitted from the AGTrust Matching Fund program, where new church launches can receive up to $30,000 in matching funds to assist with its initial launch and operation. Once the church is established, the funds are paid forward by the church and re-invested in other new church launches, making it a perpetual new-church funding program.

Church planter Stephen Feith, whose Revolution church launched in Madison, Wisconsin, and benefitted from the AGTrust Matching Fund program, says he's excited to see the type of people attending his church.

"Everyone who lives in Madison and came to the church, didn't come from another faith community in the city," he explains. "I'm excited to see people without a faith community get plugged into one!"

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National Girls Ministries missions giving breaks another record

Wed, 16 Jan 2013 - 4:14 PM CST

Some Olympic records such as Bob Beamon's (USA) 1968 Olympic long jump record of 29 feet 2 inches can hold for decades. Others might be broken more than once in one Olympic competition, as with the 2012 British Cycling Women Team Pursuit, that broke the world record in each round of the competition and finished with the gold medal.

The Coins for Kids total giving for the 2012 project - Alaska: the place of God - has broken the project giving record for the third year in a row! Girls across the United States gave $215,276.34 to help build a permanent multi-purpose building at Camp Agaiutim Nune (Camp AN) in Western Alaska. The amount beats last year's giving record of $201,263.

Candy Tolbert

"We are absolutely blown away," exclaims Candy Tolbert, national Girls Ministries Director. "Our giving year for Alaska was actually closer to 9 months than 12 this year. Project giving has been from April to March until this year. Due to that, churches could give to the 2011 South Africa project through March 2012. From that point on, offerings were dedicated to Alaska. In a year of transition, God has provided."

In faith, missionaries Jim and Linda Schulz began making preparations throughout the year to build the new multi-purpose building. Due to the limited weeks of good building weather, camps will be held in the drafty tents for one last summer. Teams are in place to deliver materials and begin building on July 1. A dedication of the new building is scheduled for Summer 2014.

"I knew from the beginning that this project was birthed in our hearts and His timing was perfect," says Schulz. "Thank you to the girls and leaders across the nation for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit to give and to come along side us in prayer."

"The girls in our clubs have once again taken the Coins for Kids project to heart," Tolbert adds tearfully. "They have given to help the Yupik people of Alaska have a place to come and hear the salvation message and grow in their relationship with the God of the universe. Teaching girls about the Great Commission is one of the greatest purposes of Girls Ministries Girls Clubs. I am thrilled to see girls giving so faithfully."

As churches heard about the Alaska project many without Girls Clubs that just had a heart for the project gave too. These churches and Royal Rangers Outposts gave an additional $12,748.93.

"We might not have reached our Coins for Kids goal of $225,000 for this project through the giving of the girls in our clubs," says Tolbert, "but with the help of some Royal Rangers and other churches, Camp AN will receive enough funds to construct a building where Yupik children, youth and families can come each summer and experience a relationship with God in a warm, dry environment."

Coins for Kids is a BGMC (Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge) endorsed effort. For more information about Girls Ministries and Coins for Kids, click here.

Authors: Lori Van Veen

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