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Community Impact Matters

A large part of attracting outsiders to your church is making an effort to meet people where they are. This means that the congregation of a church must strive to move outside the four walls of the physical church building and begin to reach out to their surrounding area. Continue Reading

Should Pastors Use Social Media?

Social Media allows pastors to communicate real life issues with their congregants and potential congregants who find comfort in getting to know their spiritual leaders more intimately without being intrusive and needing to have "face time" with them. It also allows people to get to know their hearts... Continue Reading

Know Your Audience

Many things go into good writing, but before you even come up with that first line, you must answer one simple question: Who am I trying to communicate to? Continue Reading

Creating a Media Presence in Your Community

How and what you communicate to your community will determine what your community will think of you and, eventually, who and how many will come to your church.  If you never reach out beyond your church doors, your community will never really know who you are or what you are all about and you will not experience the growth you could otherwise enjoy. Continue Reading

Promotional Resources

Find logos and other materials for promoting upcoming events and initiatives.

Press Info

Visit the AG Press page to find general info, stats and other resources about the AG.

PR Helps

Visit the Office of Public Relations tabs (top of this page) for helps in an number of communications and PR topics.


Office of Public Relations
1445 N. Boonville Ave.
Springfield, MO 65802

Phone: 417-862-2781
Fax: 417-862-5554
Web site:

The Office of Public Relations is part of the communication ministries of the General Council and is responsible for communicating through various channels the ministries and programs of the Fellowship to all of its publics.