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He Protects Me

Read Judges 13:1 through 16:31; Luke 4:14–30

In Nazareth, Jesus, a fast-rising star among teachers, was home. He taught in the synagogues, and the word spread about how wonderful He was, how gracious His speech! How proud the town of Nazareth was to have produced such a fine young man! But then He spoke a word of truth they did not want to hear.

All the people in the synagogue were furious when they heard this (Luke 4:28).

The whole town was in an uproar, and, had He not escaped, they would have thrown Jesus off a cliff.

People may raise their eyebrows at Jesus’ neighbors, but is it possible everyone does the same thing?

People are sometimes quick to take offense when someone who knows them well says something hurtful, even if it was said in love. Even Christians are sometimes quick to take action, rather than slowing down and trying to hear what is really being said.

Challenge for Today: Keep your heart free from being offended. Instead, try to listen and understand.

Quicklook: Luke 4:14–30


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