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All Things Work Together

Read Psalms 71:1 through 72:20; Acts 22:2–30

There was no way Paul could turn back the clock and undo what he had done. He couldn’t erase the fact that he had hunted down, imprisoned, and beaten followers of Jesus. And when Stephen was executed, Paul showed his approval by watching over the clothes of those who threw the stones.

After Paul’s life-changing encounter with the Lord on the Damascus Road, he may have been tempted to change his identity, especially when he encountered hostility upon his return to Jerusalem. As he prayed in the temple, the Lord spoke to him.

“‘Quick!’ he said. ‘Leave Jerusalem immediately, because the people here will not accept your testimony about me’” (Acts 22:18).

Paul could have concluded that his ministry was over before it really began, but God who is able to work good from all things—even our mistakes—had another plan. He would send Paul to the Gentiles and give him a letter-writing ministry that would become a major portion of the New Testament.

Prayer for Today: Ask God to help you see the plans He has for you.

Quicklook: Acts 22:14–21


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