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Evangelism, Worship, Discipleship & Compassion

49th General Council, 2001

August 7-10, 2001 — Kansas City, Missouri

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Resolution 21: The Ministry Of Evangelist

WHEREAS,God has called the entire Church to evangelism and has chosen particular people to be the gift of evangelist to the body of Christ (Eph. 4:11); and

WHEREAS, The verb for "evangelize" is used 54 times in the New Testament, and noun "evangel" or "gospel" or "good news" is used 76 times, and the word "evangelist" is used 3 times, and the function and office of the evangelist and the ministry of evangelism were clearly integral elements of the Early Church; and

WHEREAS,Ephesians 4:11-12 teaches that all ministry gifts, including that of evangelist, are for the equipping of God’s people for the "work of service, to the building up of the body of Christ;" and

WHEREAS,Pentecostal church history reminds us of the importance of the evangelist inasmuch as hundreds, if not thousands, of Assemblies of God churches have been pioneered or equipped for evangelism by Assemblies of God evangelists; and

WHEREAS,There are more than 1,500 evangelists, not including spouses, in the United States Assemblies of God—more evangelists than in any other major denomination; and

WHEREAS,The ministry of the evangelist is encouraged and helped through the network of relationships and communication facilitated by the office of the national evangelists representative, functioning directly under the general superintendent; and

WHEREAS,The ministry of evangelist is crucial for the continued vitality of the Pentecostal Church (Acts 8, 21:8; 2 Tim. 4:5); and

WHEREAS,The beginning of this new century affords a choice opportunity to reaffirm the vital ministry role of the evangelist in the Assemblies of God; therefore, be it

RESOLVED,That the Assemblies of God express gratitude to the Lord for the historic role evangelists have played in the growth and development of the Assemblies of God; and, further

RESOLVED,That every effort be given on the national, district, and local level to affirm the evangelist within our Fellowship, and to encourage our pastors and churches to utilize the ministry of the evangelist.

Sponsor: Executive Presbytery
General Presbytery