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Daily Devotional

To Build a House

Read 1 Chronicles 17:1 through 22:19

Reports indicate that 1.6 billion people live with inadequate shelter and millions more are homeless. Many people live in conditions that are unsafe, unhealthy, or limit their opportunities to improve...

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The Assemblies of God

The Assemblies of God was founded in 1914. Today there are close to 13,000 churches in the U.S. with nearly 3 million members and adherents. There are 86,143,293 Assemblies of God adherents worldwide, making the Assemblies of God the world’s largest Pentecostal denomination.

The U.S. Assemblies of God national office is located at 1445 N. Boonville Avenue, Springfield, Missouri. It houses the Fellowship's executive and administrative offices, service divisions and departments, and warehouse.


A GPS for Life

How to make God-honoring decisions

Prayers Requested Following Heartbreaking Tragedy in Haiti

Condolences offered and prayers sought following the killing of a young AG couple by a gang in Haiti.

An Anniversary to Remember: The Faith of Hebrews 11

The miraculous healing of a toddler brought extra celebration at a New Jersey church’s 15th anniversary.

8 Keys to Developing Kids who are Responsive in Worship

8 Goals for Children’s Ministries "Responsive in Worship"

A Biblical Vision of Community

Unity amid diversity is God’s idea