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Here are the most common mistakes made when searching the Church Directory.

Church Names — The official registered name of many churches is simply "Assembly of God," even though they may commonly be referred to by the town in which they are located, such as "Anytown Assembly of God." Entering "Anytown" in the Church Name field will NOT find the church if "Anytown" is not part of the church's officially registered name. So, if you do not have expected results using the CHURCH NAME field, leave it empty and use the CITY and STATE fields alone.

Do not use abbreviations like "St." as in St. Louis — Searching the official church name and address database requires that you spell out such abbreviations, as "Saint Louis."

Zip Codes — The "Zip Code" field searches the church's location zip code, NOT the mailing zip code where the church may receive it's mail. Some church's use a PO Box which might be miles from the church's actual location. Since people are searching for "where" the church is located, our database searches location zip codes. You can also do a partial zip code search. For example, entering "658" will return all zip codes beginning with "658." Since zip codes areas are usually adjoining this allows you to search an broader geographical area.

There are two types/sources of information displayed in the Church Directory. Depending on the type of information that needs to be corrected, please contact either the General Secretary's Office <[email protected]> or your local church. Read the following for more detail.

  1. Information maintained by the General Council National Office.
    This includes the church's official name, mail and location addresses, phone numbers and senior pastor's name. This official data can only be changed by the General Secretary's Office, which maintains the General Council's official Church Name & Address database. This standard listing data is updated automatically every week. To request changes or corrections, contact the General Secretary's Office using the following contact information:

    General Secretary's Office
    1445 North Boonville Avenue
    Springfield, MO 65802-1894 USA

    Phone: 417-862-2781, ext. 3237
    Fax: 417-862-0133
    Email: [email protected]
    Web: http://GenSec.ag.org

  2. Information maintained by the Local Church.
    This refers to enhancements a local church can make to its standard listing. This "enhanced" data includes a photo, greeting, and links to the church email and/or web site address. IMPORTANT, the General Council does NOT create or update this "enhanced listings data" in the church directory. Instead, local churches register for access to create and maintain these enhancements directly using a standard web browser. (How to register for access to enhance your listing.)

    IF YOUR CHURCH HAS AN "ENHANCED" LISTING, you should contact your church webmaster or church office to find out who in your church is responsible for updating the "enhanced" information. If you or the church staff has difficulty with this, please contact AG Web Services <[email protected]>.

Your church can take advantage of a FREE, voluntary service to add your church web site and email addresses, a photo of the church and textual information to your standard listing. This enhanced listing data (Web site and email addresses, church photo and textual information) is added on a voluntary basis BY INDIVIDUAL CHURCHES. You will need your church's account number to begin the process (the same number is used as your church's Gospel Publishing House account number). If you encounter problems or have questions, email <[email protected]>.

International Assemblies of God Fraternal Organizations

Please visit the World Assemblies of God Fellowship for information about International AG fraternal organizations.