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Christ Assembly of God

Reverend Anesh D Kurrian


At Christ AG Church, we extend a warm invitation to all, embracing the rich tapestry of diversity that defines us. We take pride in being a spiritual family, a place where every individual is not just a part but an integral member, cherished and valued. In our fellowship, we celebrate the beauty of our differences, understanding that though we may come from various cultures and backgrounds, we are united by a common bond—our faith in Jesus Christ. Together, we form His body, the church, each unique thread weaving into the intricate design of God's divine plan. As we navigate the journey of life, we find solace and joy in sharing both the triumphs and challenges that come our way. Our commitment to one another strengthens our collective walk with the Lord. In this sacred space, we grow spiritually, supporting and encouraging each other to deepen our connection with Jesus. Whether you are seeking a community to belong to, a place to explore your faith, or a welcoming family to share your spiritual journey with, Christ AG Church opens its doors wide to embrace you. Join us as we seek to glorify God through worship, fellowship, and the transformative power of His Word. Come, be a part of our growing family, where love knows no bounds, and all are welcome. We look forward to sharing the journey of faith with you and experiencing the grace of God together. May the peace of Christ be with you always.


10200 FM 156
Fort Worth, TX 76131



New Jersey

Section Name

East Central North

Mailing Address

111 Hamilton Ave
Fords, NJ 08863

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