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First Assembly of God

Reverend L Jan Middaugh


One of the great privileges of life is the ability to make choices - the freedom to pick one thing over another. The truth is, each day presents us with an assortment of choices, all of which increase our assets or our liabilities. Many painful problems people face today are unnecessary. Often they result from acting on inadequate or inaccurate information and lack of skill or control in decision making. Unwanted pregnancies, unwise marriages, disappointing careers . . . these kinds of problems and all of the pain that comes with them are avoidable in many cases. Between the ages of 13 and 30 we make the five choices that will largely determine the rest of our lives. These five choices are: choosing your faith; choosing your friends; choosing your vocation; choosing your mate; and choosing when to have your children. Accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Savior is the most important decision of your life. Regardless of past choices, good or bad, it is never too late to turn your life over to Him. No one can change their past but each of us can have a new beginning as we surrender our life to the plan of God. Here at Canyon First Assembly of God our desire is to help people make the right choices - choices that will move you toward being victorious rather than victimized. Why not make the choice to be with us in service this Sunday? It's a choice that could change your life forever. David Morgan, Senior Pastor


2318 13th Ave
Canyon, TX 79015



West Texas

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North Plains

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PO Box 332
Canyon, TX 79015

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