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Assembly of God

Reverend Danny R Johnson


The Dustin Assembly of God Church is located in the small Oklahoma community of Dustin which is about 65 miles south of Tulsa Oklahoma. The Dustin Assembly of God Church has been a beacon of hope in the community of Dustin and surrounding area for many years. Here at the Dustin Assembly of God Church we would like to meet anyone who does not know of the Lord Jesus Christ as a personal savior. We love people of all races and colors, we love people whether they are rich or poor, healthy or sick, happy or sad, young or old, well fed or hungry, because we do not look at the outside condition of the person. We prefer to look through the eyes of faith to the inside, to the hearts of people, and see them not as they are, but to see them as who they can become if they put their trust in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. There is a God shaped hole in every person, no man or woman is without it. We believe that only through receiving the free gift of salvation which is through Jesus Christ that a person can truly be free and filled with hope and peace that is beyond understanding. That peace comes from knowing that you after receiving Jesus are God's child, and knowing that you will spend eternity in heaven with the rest of us. So basically would like to meet, "You". You are valuable and precious in the Lords eyes and in ours. We hope to see you at church soon.


35 3rd St
Dustin, OK 74839




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Mailing Address

PO Box 390086
Dustin, OK 74839

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