A 10,000-Mile Journey

Danesh Manik’s faith walk from Hinduism to becoming an AG pastor.

This Week in AG History -- Sept. 14, 1935

Despite money being scarce and other denominations losing members, the Assemblies of God thrived during the Great Depression.

Turning Jailhouse Salvations into Bedrock Christians

For decades, Chaplain Bob Durham has been working not only to reach inmates for Christ, but disciple them as well.

Ninja Warrior Outreach Impacts Community

Jon Stem, student pastor at Claremore Assembly, believes God has given everyone gifts — it's just up to the individual to use those gifts for God's glory.

This Week in AG History -- Sept. 6, 1964

Morris Plotts became an AG missionary later in life, but his efforts resulted in dozens of new churches built, millions of dollars raised for missions, and countless souls won for Christ.

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