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God's Word For Today

Daily Devotional

Christ the Light

2 Chronicles 10:1 through 11:23; John 8:12–30

“I am the light of the world” (John 8:12).


Who hasn’t turned over a rock to find a snake or a bunch of slugs underneath? Who hasn’t moved a sofa and found spiders hiding, or seen the smudges on a window when the sun shined through? Snakes, slugs, spiders and smudges on a window glass exist undisturbed until the light reaches them. Then someone is forced to deal with them. 


So it is in the Christian’s life. Sin often lurks in the dark corners of the soul. It may be lustful memories, prideful thoughts, or selfish desires. Some think such thoughts are okay, since no one else is harmed by them. But light exposes them as sin. 


Ted watched pornography on the Internet in the night, but one night his wife caught him. Not only had his heart become cold to the Lord, he lost his marriage. Sin, even hidden sins of the heart, come with a costly price tag. 


Christians must let God shine the light into their lives so they can recognize sin and deal with it. 


Prayer Suggestion: Lord, convict me of my hidden sins so that I can seek Your forgiveness and be right with You.


Quicklook: John 8:12–18