Whether you're a Millennial, Boomer, or any other generation, the Assemblies of God has ministries committed to fulfilling our mission of evangelism, worship, discipleship, and compassion where you can become involved. On this page, you'll find a sampling of those ministries. Check our church directory for a church near you.


Women Continue the Giving Tradition

Project-driven Light the Way ministry focus assists mothers and children.

Protecting the Flock -- Child Safety Measures Matter

Chris experienced a nightmarish abduction from her church; she is now a strong advocate for churches effectively screening volunteers.

Preaching Weekly at 88

Buena Huffman has been pastor of the same Missouri church for half a century.

Turning Jailhouse Salvations into Bedrock Christians

For decades, Chaplain Bob Durham has been working not only to reach inmates for Christ, but disciple them as well.

Ninja Warrior Outreach Impacts Community

Jon Stem, student pastor at Claremore Assembly, believes God has given everyone gifts — it's just up to the individual to use those gifts for God's glory.

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