Whether you're a Millennial, Boomer, or any other generation, the Assemblies of God has ministries committed to fulfilling our mission of evangelism, worship, discipleship, and compassion where you can become involved. On this page, you'll find a sampling of those ministries. Check our church directory for a church near you.


This Week in AG History -- July 18, 1931

Before turning back to Christ and becoming a powerful AG evangelist, Otto Klink was an atheist who served in the office of Kaiser Wilhelm II in Germany.

When Children Receive a Call by God

What should a pre-teen do when he or she feels God has called them into ministry or some other vocation?

Church Pays Off Nearly $2 Million of Residents' Medical Debts

Grand Rapids First, working with RIP Medical Debt, paid off the medical bills of nearly 2,000 western Michigan residents.

Have Jeep, Will Preach

Leighton O'Connor, the Jeep Pastor, is touring the United States to share the gospel as well as learn how to more effectively minister to the homeless and needy.

F.R.E.E. International to Expand Reach Through STL

Speed the Light has made F.R.E.E. International a special project this year to help purchase additional response vehicles for the anti-trafficking ministry.

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