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Statement Regarding Chi Alpha

We are heartbroken to hear allegations related to Daniel Savala and the pain his reported actions caused. The Assemblies of God stands in strong opposition to the teachings and practices he followed. While he did not hold credentials with the Assemblies of God and was never on staff with any Chi Alpha campus ministry, The General Council of the Assemblies of God takes matters of this nature seriously and will do everything we can to help.

When a report first surfaced to the General Council and National Chi Alpha in 2018 of Mr. Savala’s proximity to certain local Texas Chi Alpha groups, the appropriate districts with which these campuses are affiliated were notified. National Chi Alpha, which serves as a resource for locally operated chapters, made relevant Chi Alpha leaders aware of his status and warned them to cease contact and not permit students or leaders to be around him.

The General Council and National Chi Alpha first became aware of reports of sexual contact with college students at certain Chi Alpha campuses in Texas in April 2023. This triggered district and local investigations into the various allegations.

These processes begin at the district level where investigations into the validity of an accusation may result in the filing of charges against a minister’s credential. Once charges are filed, a district hearing occurs by the district credentials committee. Action is then referred to the General Council Credentials Committee to consider the recommendation of the district.

During this period of time, public comment on cases under investigation remains limited to protect the privacy of victims, witnesses, and the accused. An additional period of time must elapse prior to the publication of a dismissed minister’s name, in print or electronically, pursuant to bylaw provisions.

The General Council continues to take appropriate actions, including dismissal of ministers, in response to the investigative findings.