God's Word For Today

Daily Devotional

Love First

Read Psalm 119:1–24; Romans 9:1–18

“Tim, my dryer broke again. I need you to come over right now.”

Tim gritted his teeth. His neighbor was so demanding. He helped her out, but that didn’t mean he was her servant. “I’m headed to work, Jeannie. I’ll stop by tonight.”

Tim blew out his breath as he slammed his car door. Halfway to work, a worship song echoed in Tim’s mind—something about our hearts being broken over the same things that break God’s heart.

He clutched the steering wheel. Was that the problem? Was he trying to “do good” to his neighbor without loving her? How did he expect to win her to Christ if he didn’t love her first?

I have great sorrow and unceasing anguish in my heart (Romans 9:2). 

Why? Because many of his fellow Jews had rejected Christ. Paul did not appeal to them out of anger or condemnation, but rather out of his great love for them, even to the point of personal sacrifice.

Challenge for Today: Today, let God’s love flow through you, drawing people to salvation.

Quicklook: Romans 9:1–5