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God's Word For Today

Daily Devotional

Follow the Recipe

Read Exodus 30:1 through 32:35

Some people cook by the dump method—a little of this and a bit of that. They do not follow a recipe, and the results can be disastrous. It would be to their advantage to follow instructions.

When the tabernacle was completed, God told Moses to have a perfumer make a special oil to use in anointing the furnishings, Aaron, and Aaron’s sons. The oil consisted of five ingredients. The ingredients had to be measured exactly. The oil would consecrate the tabernacle, making it holy—set apart for God’s use.


“Collect choice spices . . . blend these ingredients to make a holy anointing oil” (Exodus 30:23,25).


Christians want God to bless their efforts as they work for Him. They cannot make themselves effective, nor is talent alone enough. 


Rather, you must follow the recipe. In simple faith ask God to anoint you with the Holy Spirit’s power.    


Thought for Today: Jesus freely gave the Holy Spirit to help you live for Him. 

Quicklook: Exodus 30:22–33