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God's Word For Today

Daily Devotional

Obeying God

Read 1 Kings 4:1 through 6:38

King Solomon was so wise that kings all over the world heard about Him and sent their people to listen to him. Solomon wrote many songs and proverbs. He knew a lot about animals and plants. He also wrote the Book of Ecclesiastes, which teaches that knowing and pleasing God are more important than being wise.


Solomon decided it was time to build a temple for God. So, four hundred eighty years after the Israelites left Egypt, Solomon began construction on the temple. He finished it just seven years later. It was beautiful—made of stone, carved wood, and a lot of gold. God made a promise to Solomon: 


“If you follow my decrees, observe my laws and keep all my commands and obey them, I will fulfill through you the promise I gave to David your father. And I will live among the Israelites and will not abandon my people Israel” (1 Kings 6:12–13). 


God values obedience above all other virtues. That is how people show God they love Him. In return for their obedience, God blesses them and will not forsake them. 


Thought for Today: Blessing will come from God when you obey His rules.


Quicklook: 1 Kings 6:11–14