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God's Word For Today

Daily Devotional

Binding Agreement

Read Nehemiah 10:1 through 11:36

Most people are reluctant to sign their names to a legal document unless they have carefully scrutinized it to ensure they agree with the terms.


In Nehemiah 8 and 9, we learned that all the people heard the Book of the Law read by Ezra. The Book of the Law was God’s side of the contract. 


All the leaders of the people affixed their seals to show their agreement. These clay seals were the ancient form of a signature. After the leaders sealed it, one thing still remained. The people had to agree to it as well.


The rest of the people . . . joined their leaders and bound themselves with an oath. They swore a curse on themselves if they failed to obey the Law of God as issued by his servant Moses. They solemnly promised to carefully follow all the commands, regulations, and decrees of the Lord our Lord (Nehemiah 10:28–29).


The people of Israel gave their verbal agreement to very specific terms. No matter how good God’s contract was or how many leaders signed it, it made no change individually without personal agreement.


Make sure you honor your agreement with God.


Thought for Today: What are the terms of your contract with God?

Quicklook: Nehemiah 10:28–39