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God's Word For Today

Daily Devotional

Missing the Point

Read 1 Chronicles 17:1 through 20:3; John 5:1–18

Shelly started a ministry that reached out to people who danced in the local strip clubs. She gave gift baskets and invited the women into her home so she could build relationships and share the gospel. Many in the church opposed the ministry. They were afraid it would give the church a bad name. Even after Shelly led three of the dancers to the Lord, some people demanded she stop. They were missing the point.


So the Jewish leaders began harassing Jesus for breaking the Sabbath rules (John 5:16).


Jesus had just healed a man who could not walk. Instead of being amazed by the miracle, the Jewish leaders focused on the fact that Jesus had healed the man on the Sabbath. They missed the point entirely. That sort of thing still happens today. People can sometimes focus on traditions or appearances instead of what is happening in the hearts and lives of people. 


God’s people must guard their hearts against this kind of thing and remain open to the possibility that God might be working in ways that are new or different. 


Prayer for Today: Lord, focus my attention and energy on what is important to You rather than tradition. 

Quicklook: John 5:8–18