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God's Word For Today

Daily Devotional

Judgment Awaits

Read Isaiah 24:1 through 25:12; Galatians 2:1–21

A holy God cannot ignore sin. His justice requires punishment. The Lord repeatedly warned Israel of the consequences of not following His ways. Isaiah 24 through 27 are called “Isaiah’s Apocalypse” and tell of God’s judgment on the whole world. During his sixty years of active ministry, Isaiah continued to preach and call the nation to repentance. Considered one of Bible’s great prophets, he prophesied future judgment as well as salvation and restoration.


In that day the Lord will punish the gods in the heavens and the proud rulers of the nations on earth (Isaiah 24:21).


Yes, God will punish evildoers. Even the earth will suffer. But during this devastation, some will rejoice and praise God (Isaiah 24:14–16). Eventually Jesus will establish His eternal Kingdom (Isaiah 24:23). All who are faithful will celebrate with Him in that glorious new age. Be sure you are among those who stay true to the Lord.


Thought for Today: Those who do right don’t have to fear punishment. Seek to serve God well.

Quicklook: Isaiah 24:14–23