God's Word For Today

Daily Devotional

Encouraging Affirmation

Read Psalms 31:1 through 33:22; Acts 15:22–41

When Joe trained his dog to retrieve the morning newspaper from his front porch, he used a steady stream of encouraging praise and treats. One morning when he gave the command, the dog returned with not just his paper but the neighbors’ papers too. Joe wondered if he had encouraged his dog too much.

When Gentiles began to believe in Jesus, some questioned whether they were really a part of the Church. The church leaders sent them a message to reassure them that they were part of God’s family.

The people read it and were glad for its encouraging message (Acts 15:31).

We also can experience God’s encouraging affirmation as we serve Him—confirmations that come in various ways. Perhaps we feel it as a sense of peace that comes when we know we are in His will, or maybe it comes when we realize His help in a particular task. No matter our experience, God’s assurance is there.

Prayer Suggestion: Father, help us see that we can share Your reassuring encouragement with others.

Quicklook: Acts. 15:22–32