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God's Word For Today

Daily Devotional


Read: Amos 5:1 through 9:15

Complacency is self-satisfaction and obliviousness to danger or deficiencies in oneself. It is dangerous to become spiritually complacent.


Amos challenged the people’s complacency, specifically their feeling of security (6:1), lounging on beds adorned with ivory (6:4), dining on choice meats (6:4), drinking wine by the bowlful (6:6), and using the finest lotions (6:6). They enjoyed the luxury but were indifferent to the plight of others and their own impending judgment.


Therefore you will be among the first to go into exile; your feasting and lounging will end (Amos 6:7).


What does early twenty-first century complacency look like? Self-indulgence. Looking out for number one. Inflated pride in accomplishments. Looking down on “those people.” Lack of compassion. All are things that run counter to how God wants His followers to live.


Just as plant and animal life flourish where there is water, human life flourishes where justice and righteousness flow freely (Amos 5:24), replacing complacency with repentance and action. 


Prayer Suggestion: Lord, do not allow me to become complacent in my walk with You.


Quicklook: Amos 6:1–7