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General Secretary

Donna Barrett has served as general secretary of the Assemblies of God since 2018. Prior to her present position, Barrett was a church planter, serving as founder and lead pastor of Rockside Church in Independence, Ohio. Following seven years as a paralegal, Barrett became a credentialed minister in 1986. She served 10 years as youth pastor at Highway Tabernacle Assembly of God in Youngstown, Ohio, followed by seven years as associate pastor at Bethel Temple in Parma, Ohio. While pastoring, she served the Ohio Ministry Network as an elected general presbyter and an executive presbyter for four years each.

Barrett is a member of the Executive Leadership Team. As general secretary, she stewards the credentialing process of ministers, oversees the chartering of churches, the collection of official statistics, and the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center.

Barrett is the author of Leveling the Praying Field.

The General Secretary's Office

The General Secretary's Office develops and maintains data pertaining to General Council ministers and churches. The General Secretary also oversees the credentialing of ministers, the chartering of churches, the collection of official statistics, and the Flower Pentecostal Heritage Center, where you can research our archives and read thrilling stories about how God has led our Fellowship.

Minister's Dues and Fellowship Partners Offering

Ministers can use our secured server to pay their Minister's Dues by credit card. Churches can also contribute to the Fellowship Partners Offering by credit card using our secured contribution form.

Official Forms

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General Council Affiliated Church Governance Minimums

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Parent Affiliated Church Requirements

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Recommended Church Bylaws

A strong governance structure is vital to the health of a local church as it gives guidance in such areas as beliefs, pastoral transitions, the election of board members, the roles and duties of leaders, the owning of property, requirements for membership and more. The following is a menu-driven template to consider when creating or updating the bylaws of a local church. The seven basic Assemblies of God requirements for a local church constitution and bylaws are included.

Recommended Bylaws for General Council Affiliated Local Churches

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Recommended Bylaws - Governance Structure Alternate

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Sample Conditional Attendance Agreement for Sex Offenders

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